Artist Talk with David Blandy (16 June 2020)

How to Fly (2020)

On Tuesday, 16 June 2020 I’ll be talking with British artist David Blandy about his newest work, two specially commissioned videos (How to Fly and How to Live). This online event is hosted by Southampton’s John Hansard Gallery, and I’ll be joined by Jussi Parikka, who is leading and moderating the discussion.

From the gallery website:

These two newly commissioned works build on a series that use the form of online video tutorials to explore ideas around patterns in nature and existence (previous works include How to make a short video about extinction (2014), and How to make a short video about ideas (2016).) Each of them begins with Blandy giving a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to make a short video about a specific subject, only using the tools available via a computer – through the internet and video editing software to video games.

Both of these previous works explore the increasing uncertainty of what is real and what is artifice. As the digital world pervades and infiltrates every aspect of our lives, it becomes ever more difficult for anyone to ever have a ‘genuine’ sense of reality, instead these works highlight how reality is felt in a range of new and varying ways.

Tickets to this event are free through Eventbrite. You can join us from 6-7pm GMT for a live Zoom talk and audience Q&A, or watch a recording after the event. How to Fly and How to Live are available throughout May and June 2020.

How to Live (2020)

For those unfamiliar with Blandy’s work, I’d suggest starting with his website, which offers free access to many of his video projects. Some of my personal favourites among his solo pieces include How To Make A Short Video About Extinction (2014) and The World After (2019). Blandy is also known for his collaborative practice with Larry Achiampong, whose work PAN AFRICAN FLAGS FOR THE RELIC TRAVELLERS’ ALLIANCE (2018) currently decorates the John Hansard Gallery during its temporary closure.

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