Testimonials from Online Teaching

Over the next few weeks the teaching team for the MA in Global Media Management will be sharing short testimonials on our blog, with some loose impressions and images of what it’s been like to teach online during the COVID-19 lockdown. These will appear every Wednesday and Friday—you can find mine below:

“The last few weeks have been hard. As a contemporary media MA, GMM has always had lots of online teaching incorporated into the programme, but the things I enjoyed most were the personal, one-to-one moments—in seminars, in hallways or the café, or the small shady campus that is Winchester School of Art. It’s been a challenge to recapture that sense of atmosphere and intimacy online.

With students often telecommuting from dorms or hotel rooms (and myself from a large closet), we’ve turned to whimsical MS Teams backgrounds and snapshots of our everyday environments to try and keep each other cheerful. There is still beauty in the little things, and the quiet moments of distraction and contemplation! These moments are as valuable as the busy or stressful ones in helping us to make sense of our contemporary mediascape.”

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