New to the Reading List (05/12/2014)

New books 05/12/2014In this initial phase of my full-time PhD research I’ve been doing a lot of reading. Fortunately Cardiff University’s library has a massive selection of books in my field, specifically on the Gothic and on neo-Victorian fiction. They were missing a handful of books that I really felt I needed, so about a month ago I put in a request for a few of the titles I figured I would need most urgently. Yesterday the first round of these newly-purchased books arrived at the Arts and Social Sciences Library (ASSL) for pickup. These were, in order of publication:

Hock-soon Ng, Andrew, ed., Asian Gothic: Essays on Literature, Film and Anime (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 2008)
Newman, Kim, Nightmare Movies: Horror on Screen Since the 1960s, 2nd edn (London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2011)

Levina, Marina, and Diem-My T. Bui, eds., Monster Culture in the 21st Century: A Reader (New York: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2013)

I’m very much looking forward to digging into these, and figuring out whether I can use them in my thesis. Newman, as well as Levina and Diem-My, will likely contribute to my introduction and general literature survey, while Hock-soon Ng’s book will hopefully become part of my discussion of transnational fan cultures and the multimedia monster mashup. I’m also looking forward to picking up the other half of my book order, which should consist of another three books on similar topics (including one on Buffy).

How awesome is it that I get to read critical theory about monsters and popular culture? Answer: pretty awesome.

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